Lauren Reiner is a singer-songwriter who, for lack of a better term, sounds like seeing an old lover for the first time in years. Something about her voice is warm and familiar, yet unattainable — and sounds even better over a glass of bourbon.

Born in Pleasantville, New York, Reiner came into her own in an already musical family. Her father is an avid guitar player, and can be found entertaining any get-together, or off tinkering with his 1968 Martin. Captivated, 12-year-old Reiner decided she wanted to learn how to play. Years later, they share a love of classic rock, minor seventh chords, and parties where someone happened to bring an old guitar.

Reiner also showed promise as a young singer. She went on to attend the Master’s School, studying vocal arts and performing whenever she had the chance. Afterwards, she headed to the University of Miami, where she sang with the prestigious Jazz Vocal I Ensemble, even earning a Downbeat Award. She graduated in 2018 with a bachelor’s degree in Music Business and a minor in Songwriting.

As a songwriter, Reiner has never shied away from genre experimentation. Last year, she released a four-song Jazz EP titled, “What I’ve Been Dreaming Of,” only to be followed up by a country-folk EP, “Little Rain”. Her original jazz standard led her to be a Finalist in the John Lennon Songwriting Contest.

Reiner is currently living in Los Angeles and actively pursuing music. In addition to working on her solo project, Lauren supports other artists (talker, Fiona Grey, Dan Sadin, Jack Fruit) with her instrumental and vocal versatility.